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Faculty development in medical education

Leeds Institute of Medical Education (LIME), is the central hub for medical education within the University of Leeds. Underpinning educational output from the School of Medicine, a diverse and effective faculty development team act to support teaching and assessment whilst advancing medical education research and scholarship.  Through our faculty development approach, high quality educational development opportunities are provided to a global community of medical educators for the purpose of enhancing medical education.

This page will introduce you to our faculty development opportunities and encourage you to get in touch if you would like to engage and partake in various events and activities.

Levels of educational engagement

To support educational engagement, we provide faculty development opportunities across all levels of progression.

Stimulating interest in education early

Training and support is provided across teaching elements of core curriculum. Early interest in education is captured through elective education opportunities such as intercalation, student-selected and extended student-led research or evaluation projects (ESREP), medical electives, and societies.

Students interested in intercalating, please visit our opportunities:

BSc Applied Health (Medical Education)

Developing educational practice

For those involved in delivering teaching in the workplace, assessing students in clinical exams, volunteering to teach and  pastoral roles within University, the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme provides training and support alongside sourcing local educational networks and evidencing educational CPD.

Meet the CPD team.

Promoting scholarship in education

Faculty development is available for those who are supervising student projects and mentoring junior teachers. Opportunities are available to partake in postgraduate study in education and  support to achieve membership of professional educational bodies. Please visit the links outlining our postgraduate opportunities:

PG Cert Clinical Education

MEd Clinical Education


Advancing leadership in education

Opportunities to undertake MEd, EdD and PhD degrees are available. Faculty development in educational leadership is offered for leading academic faculty, those presenting at national and international conferences; undertaking educational research and having membership of educational committees.

Interested in applying for fellowships in Advance HE, you will need a contract (including honorary contract) with the university, please visit:

PRiSE, professional recognition

Engaging in CPD

Enrolling on our some of CPD sessions is an easy way to get involved in developing your educational skills. Our sessions are free to those who teach our students, delivered to and by a diverse cohort of enthusiasts and impact the students learning experience.

CPD sessions are centred around health professions education and have a focus on the University of Leeds curricula.  The CPD team work closely with clinical colleagues, academic staff, students and patients and carers to ensure that support for teaching and assessment reflect the educational outcomes.

At the centre of our CPD and faculty development is a thriving community of medical educators. There are many opportunities to become part of our community. Contact the team for more details.


CPD opportunities

CPD opportunities to develop your teaching

Opportunities to attend sessions aimed to develop your skills in various teaching approaches are offered to interested educators. Benefits include sharing good practice, peer support, CPD certificates of attendance and Royal College CPD accreditation for some sessions.

LITE BITEs short eLearning courses

These short courses provide an overview to specific teaching approaches involved in medical education. Creating a LITE BITE is a good way to engage and share good practice.


We have a flexible approach to CPD opportunities. Training and upskilling can be tailored to needs and delivered in the workplace or virtually to teams and individuals.

Outreach to a universal faculty

Promoting medical education to a universal faculty - those who impact a students learning journey can access CPD opportunities.

Clinical Education Network

A network for research and scholarship within health
professions education. We invite interested educators to join our community.
There are regular research spotlight events which share exciting work happening within the community.

Interested in teaching? Get Involved.

If you have an interest in teaching. there are many ways to be involved; from helping select medical students to supporting them in a pastoral role. Around 70% of the training of medical students is done by active clinicians. Consequently, your input is invaluable. Th